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Mausoleum I is a fairly easy encounter that you’ll unlock after defeating Casual Casual Dominique Marine Dominique Attitude Attitude Dominique Casual Attitude Marine xE8SE.” From the riverboat, go over the bridge to your right and then through the trees to the south. There will be a fish fishing and a creepy looking building. Enter the building to start Mausoleum I.

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This is actually not a boss fight but it will grant you a brand new move if you are able to complete it. When the encounter starts, a bunch of pink ghosts will start floating toward the urn in the center of the room. You cannot shoot these ghosts, so jump on and parry them instead. This will destroy the ghosts.

Keep doing this over and over again until the ghosts stop coming, never letting one of them touch the urn. If you are successful, the Legendary Chalice will offer you a gift. Exit Mausoleum I she’ll give you Super Art I, the Energy Beam.

Munich 2018 Adidas Rain Red Bayern Originals 2019 Jacket
Jacket 2018 Bayern Adidas Munich Rain 2019 Originals Red
Official 2018 2019 Bayern Munich Training Rain Jacket available in adult sizes S M L XL XXL XXXL XXXXL.This jacket forms part of the Bayern Munich 2018 2019 training range and is manufactured by Adidas. This jacket is red in colour.Train in all conditions like the Bundesliga champions in the Bayern Munich Kids Training Rain Jacket. The lightweight jacket is designed for flexibility and breathability while keeping you dry on the training ground. A mesh lining allows cooling ventilation while long raglan sleeves with elastic cuffs ensure a full range of motion. Details:Mesh hood and body liningStand up collarLong raglan sleeves with elastic cuffsZip pockets100% polyster ripstop/woven dobby